Faye Quinn Announces the Release of Her First Book ‘Meditation for Anxiety and Stress Relief’

A comprehensive guide for people struggling with anxiety.

Release: [March 4, 2022].

Faye Quinn launches a new book called ‘Meditation for Anxiety and Stress Relief’ written by her. It features the journey of a woman who was troubled with anxiety and stress for a long time but then decide to change her life for good.

This book serves as a handbook for people who have trouble interacting with others, or feel intimidated when asked to speak in front of an audience, or even just interact with other as anxiety takes over their being and they find themselves at a loss of words. The author details her struggles in the book and discusses what helped her overcome these issues. She then proceeds onto discussing different types of meditation and the tips and tricks that can help the reader.

“This book is extremely relatable as I suffered from social anxiety for most of my life. Nothing ever seemed to work and the effects of therapy lasted only a while. This book served as a manual for me and guided me very step of the way as I tried to overcome my stress and anxiety. It equips you with the right knowledge all the while providing you gentle assurances that you have what it takes to bring a change in your life” – Mariah Scott.

The book will be available for purchase on Amazon and at all major bookstores.

About the Author

Faye Quinn, a middle eastern, wishes to share her knowledge about meditation by writing this book. She has gone through many hardships, and only meditation has helped her survive through it all. She is writing this book to help others find a way to better their situations by sharing the wisdom she holds about meditation.

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