The book “Loving a Narcissist” by Clifton Fuller addresses the people who are trapped in emotionally and mentally abusive relationships where they feel like there is no way out. Narcissists walk among us. They latch on to the people who are more susceptible and vulnerable in order to control them in ways that are insidious in the beginning but get worse over time. This book serves as a comprehensive guide for these victims to recognize the symptoms and mannerisms of narcissistic partners. Understand how to create healthy boundaries and free yourselves from the manipulation you are put through in these toxic relationships.

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If you feel trapped in a relationship where you feel something is wrong and can’t put a finger on it, this book will help you understand what Narcissistic Personality is and how it can affect you physically, emotionally, and mentally. This book is a guide that teaches you how to recognize these patterns and help you break out of them. It also provides strategies that narcissists use to gaslight their victims and make them feel like they are mentally inadequate so that they stay submissive and under their control. The end goal is to meet a selfish agenda and destroy one’s sense of self.

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