The Author

Hilda writes for children on matters of courtesy and good manners. She also writes on self-help issues to make a call to all, reminding them that despite life’s adversities, hope should not be lost! On the contrary, hope must always be kept alive! She’s a two-time Best Seller Author and coauthor with the international woman group “Mujeres Dream Boss” Mentors and Writers Best Seller Books.

Gutiérrez Alvarado’s vital mission is “to teach, share with others, and help recognize their individuality and potential, as well as stimulate learning and relationships with their Divine part, and based on that knowledge enjoy a happy life. Since, she adds, “we are all unique and exceptional, it is of paramount importance for each person to learn and seek her identity because it is a way of achieving happiness and being better than we already are.”

Hilda M. Gutiérrez Alvarado studied Theology at Howard Payne University in El Paso, Texas. She is a faithful lover of humanitarian service


As a creative writer, Hilda’s literary aids span diverse realms. She crafts charming children’s stories centered around politeness and good manners, imparting valuable life lessons. Simultaneously, she delves into the world of self-help, urging individuals not to lose hope but to foster it, regardless of life’s challenges.


Hilda’s academic background is attached in Theology, which she studied at Howard Payne University in El Paso, Texas. Her devotion to humanitarian service remains firm, a shred of evidence of her deep-seated love for making an optimistic impact on the world.


Hilda is not only a two-time Best-Selling Author but also a joint author with the esteemed international woman group, “Mujeres Dream Boss,” contributing to their Best Seller Books. Hilda M. Gutiérrez Alvarado’s story is one of resilience, compassion, and a firm dedication to the betterment of others. With a heart as immense as her accomplishments, she continues to inspire and motivate those fortunate enough to cross her path on the journey toward a happier and more fulfilling life.